Nudie Jeans Drops Leather Patches—Is Levi’s Next?

Nudie Jeans’ “beef” with vegans is over! The high-fashion denim company, which uses sustainable materials, announced that—starting with its fall 2018 line—all its leather patches will be replaced with those made from durable recycled paper. “Sustainability runs in the genes of Nudie Jeans,” the company said in a news release. Its jeans are made with […]

Young Elephant Attacked With 20 Arrows In Kenya

“For this young female, while she had been targeted with a substantial and shocking number of arrows, none of these were poison arrows,” Rob Brandford, executive director of the DSWT in the UK, told The Dodo. “Elephants’ skin is very thick and so, while the wounds were serious in places and would have caused immense […]

Breaking! Did China Postpone Lifting The Ban On Rhino Horn & Tiger Bones Due To International Pressure?

The Jane Goodall Institute in Canada took to social media this morning to share the news today that China has postponed lifting the ban on the trade of rhino horn and tiger parts for medicine and other so-called uses. The “detailed regulations for implementation” of last month’s highly-controversial change has been “postponed after study”, the […]

Jean Paul Gaultier to Go Fur-Free After Years of PETA Pressure

For Immediate Release:November 11, 2018 Contact:Audrey Shircliff 202-483-7382 London – Below, please find a statement from PETA UK Director of International Programs Mimi Bekhechi in response to Jean Paul Gaultier’s announcement last night that he is going fur-free: The corks are popping at PETA’s headquarters after Jean Paul Gaultier announced live on French television last […]

This Spider That Looks Like A Dog Is Freaking People Out

Nearly 60 years after the bunny harvestman’s discovery by Carl Friedrich Roewer, scientists are still not entirely sure how the rare little creature got his unique look. One prevailing theory is that the animal’s adorable “ears” and large head are meant to make it look more threatening to predators, notes Andreas Kay, a scientist and […]